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Cruelty Party Porn Review and Trial



Updated Cruelty Party Review for 2016

No party is complete without hot chicks and chilled booze and when the party is in full swing the uninhibited sex adds up to the charm of the evening. When you are down and out with an unknown number of drinks, then you can barely have the control over yourself and this is how the memories are made. It can be all girls party where a male stripper is invited to entertain them or it can be a poolside party with a whole lot of girls going bananas. The Cruelty Party from Porn Pros is filled with a hell lot of orgy scenes that will leave you speechless.

There is a wide range of content on display starting from one guy with a group of girl or two girls and two guys, etc. The browsing of Cruelty Party site is kept simple so that the members don’t find it difficult to locate what he actually wants. This site from Porn Pros is filled with horny babes who are ready to drop their clothes and share the big cock along with her other horny friends. So, while one girl is getting fucked by the hard cock, the others are waiting their turn or masturbating to make things even steamier.

The quality of the Cruelty Party videos is high and you won’t complain about the content as well. They have all sorts of combinations going in there. The girls are turning on the heat with their skimpy clothes, flowing hair and slender legs that are ready to get spread. The girls here work as a team and when they have targeted a handsome guy, they don’t take much time in taking off his pants and reaching out to his hard boner.

There is Slutty Bartender, Housewives, Bachelorette Party, Stripper guys and many more themes like these. All of them are more or less 35 minutes of duration that includes hardcore action. The girls are ready to give blowjobs before getting banged. They have worked on the content and have come up with some new ones recently.

You will be able to download high-quality videos and that too in HD format. The embedded flash player makes your online viewing a pleasure as well. The videos load quickly and you will hardly have to wait for the things to start rolling. There are images as well for viewing and downloading. In case, you opt for downloading you can do that in Zip file.

If you are a member of then you will also get access to several other Porn Pros sites that will keep you wide variety of hardcore action.

The site is not a huge one rather you will get limited numbers of videos. Now that the site is no longer updating, therefore, the chances of getting something new is very thin. The trial period offers only limited access.

If you have ever dreamt of being a part of the wild party where you can do whatever you feel like then you must visit Cruelty Party to see your dream come alive on screen. Hot girls getting down and dirty after having few pegs of drinks with some handsome hunk is a treat for your eyes.

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Bang Bus Review -

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Updated Bang Bus Review for 2016

This time I’ve been asked to review Bang Bus, one of the sites of the amazing Bang Bros network. This site is one of the particular niches of the group and, as the name states really clearly, it offers 599+ scenes of girl being fucked on a bus. It might be only one hot chick or more of them, usually very young and attracted to money, but the common thing is that all these gals are extremely hot and easy and don’t really have to think twice before offering themselves naked on the van of these two guys travelling around.

It clearly does not show the best side of America, either this is for real or just made up in front of a camera and also gives out pretty weird ideas about how a normal chick would behave if approached on the road, but for sure is full of really hot hard core scenes of rough and dry sex which will keep you entertained for a long time. Asians sucking hard dicks and receiving massive cum shots in their faces, Brunettes ready to suck and taking big dicks up their asses, blondies who love licking each other before fighting for the guy’s dick. These are just some examples of the contents you will find on Bang Bus.

The Bang Bus homepage lists all the videos in different categories, such as 18 years old riders, Red heads who graced the bus and Huge ass Honey, for example. When you select a video, you have a detailed description of the movie, length and date of release. You just have to click and start watching.

The scenes are all recorded on the van, where the guys, but sometimes a hot pro, pick the gal or the couple they want to have fun with and start having a nice time with them on it. Blowjobs, anal, threesomes, lesbian and so much more available in these amazing videos. It is always interesting to notice how easy these people make picking up girl look like.

The BangBus movies all are about 45 minutes long and come in HD quality. When you open one of them, you can choose if stream it directly online, choosing between HD quality and standard quality. Otherwise, you can download the movie in full length or in shorter lower quality clips.

The formats available are the following: MP4 (.mp4, .m4v), 4500k, 1920×1080 (downloadable), WMV (.wmv), 1500k, 852×480 (downloadable) and Flash (in-browser), bit unknown, 1280×720 (streaming).

The videos are updated, but not very frequently and randomly and it also looks like there has not been an update for more than a year and things are just starting moving again. Which is for sure good news! There are also about 300 sets of pictures available, with the hot gals in sexy and nasty poses on the bus. Every sets has about 50 pictures and can be downloaded in a .zip file.

Exploring all the videos available on Bang Bus, you might end up looking at Karlee Grey, who after being offered a sandwich, accepts to step in the van to have an interview and in no time she founds herself with her big tits out, sucking cocks and being fucked hard for a long time.

Alyssa is another crazy hot chick who thinks she’s just getting a ride to the beach after her car broke down, but ends up being fucked hard by two guys and enjoying sucking their dicks, before they smash them up her ass.

Whatever the story the guys or the hot gal have in mind, the movies are always entertaining and won’t let you disappointed. But if by any chance, the contents of BangBus are not enough to satisfy you, remember that the site is part of the Bang Bros network and its membership grants you access to all the contents of the group.

That means you will have the chance to look at 43 different websites, and more than 9000 video. MILF lessons is one of them and it will show you very hot mums who are ready to give a hand to their daughters and their lucky boyfriends, showing them how to fuck properly and make the partner go crazy.

On Magical Feet, instead, you will see what these babes can do just using their feet. The scenes won’t stop at a simple foot job, but let’s say that the love of this part of the body will be a big part of it. The sites covers a wide range of categories and whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find it here.

The Bang Bus membership gives you access to the entire group and it is not very expensive. With $29.95 you will have a monthly membership, but if you subscribe for a year, the price is only $119.40. For $1 you can have 1 day subscription. Payment is available by credit care and be very careful, because cross sales are pre selected and you will have to tick them off, if you are not interested.

Another thing to be very careful about is the fact that, apparently, a lot of people had issues cancelling their membership, once subscribed, so just be very careful. The site is very good and the contents are amazing. With the access to the entire network and with the extremely good hardcore material it has to offer, a membership to Bang Bus is for sure worthy.

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My Sisters Hot Friend Review -

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Updated My Sisters Hot Friend Review for 2016

She is also longing for you as much as you are for her! She is your sister’s best friend and she is damn hot and sexy. So, as soon as you pop the question of date, she readily accepts. Now you take her to the theatre and then restaurant, but there is only one thing in your mind and that is how you are going to lay her.

Don’t worry she is also waiting to get laid. So, once you are done with your date and you drop her home, she invites you in. Once you step in the house, you will see that she has already setup the room perfectly for making out. You kiss her and when she feels your hard dick she obliges you with a blowjob. The field is set for banging and you do just that in different positions.

This site from Naughty America will remind you of your first date with your sister’s hot friend and how you pounded her wet pussy. My Sisters Hot Friend is one of the sites that will help you relive the moments again and again. Stripping, blowjobs, breast squeezing, pussy fucking and even anal can be expected from the videos. They have a huge collection of sexy babes and you would love to take a blowjob from every one of them on any given day.

My Sisters Hot Friend is now dishing out 4K videos, so you can easily expect the video quality to be crystal clear. Now, you won’t miss out on any single action of the exclusive hardcore scenes. They already have more than 700 scenes that are of 25 minutes duration so, enough time to work on your hard cock.

They are still going strong with their updates despite being in the business for more than ten years now. They have a collection of more than 150 high resolution photos that you can enjoy watching in slideshow and then download them in a Zip file. If you want to take a break from the site My Sisters Hot Friend (which is most unlikely!), then you can visit the other Naughty America’s sites too.

The navigation of any site plays a huge role in its popularity and in here also it is no exception. The navigation of website is very easy and the site is nicely organized. You will be able to filter your search by sex act, location or particular star by clicking on the tag that comes with the scene. It will automatically flash out all the videos of the same niche. You can also be part of their entertaining forum to enjoy.

The ads that is there in the member area makes the otherwise clean design a cluttered one. The trial won’t let you dig in deep, instead it only provides you access to a meagre collection.

My Sisters Hot Friend has a huge collection, so don’t fool yourself by the trial. Instead, become a fulltime member and enjoy the 4K videos of this impressive site from Naughty America.

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Public Pickups Review -

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Updated Public Pickups Review for 2016

Public Pickups will show you how easy it can be to have a seriously hot chick open her legs to welcome your cock, if you just show her a good amount of money. Pretending to be shy in the first place and not trusting the situation, she won’t have any trouble to get naked in public or being deliberately fucked in some public corner, if you’re holding the right amount of cash.

This is the typical scenario all the 180+ weekly updated videos of PublicPickups will show you if you decide to subscribe for a membership. As every one of the 15 sites of the MOFOS Network, the prices are standard: $19.95 for a 30 days subscription, $59.96 for 90 days and $119.98 for a year. A limited 2 days trial is also available for 1$.

All the videos of PublicPickups are in an eastern European language, presumably Czech, as all the videos have been shot there. There are subtitles though, so don’t worry. The website is very well made and you will have a preview of some of the best movies directly in the first page.

Every preview comes with the rating, a description, and some little screenshot which will show you the babe’s ass, her tits and already some of the hot scenes which you will find in the video. On the right side of the home page you can find the top rated girls, and the most recent updates as well, so you have different ways to choose the video you prefer.

As a member you’ll be able to stream all the contents in different qualities, as MP4 (1920×1080; 12000k), MP4 (1280×720; 3800k; streaming), Windows (854×480; 2526k), 3GP (128×76; 180k). Unluckily, as all the videos of the MOFOS Network (which is part of MindGeek), Public Pickups makes the download available only to members who joined before August 11, 2015.

PublicPickups offers you actions going on in the street, after the guy saw the perfect pair of boobs, or just the ass he wanted to touch and fuck that same day, or in the library, or in a restaurant. The place is not important, he just walks around looking for some that might catch his attention, and eventually finds out the perfect chick, who’ll be ready to put cash in her pocket while sucking hard his cock, before showing it the inside of her pussy.

But if this is a scenario which you think might get you bored after a while, don’t forget that together with the contents of Public Pickups, you will have access to all the 15 sites of the MOFOS Network, and you’ll be able to find movies starring hot MILFs in search for an ebony cock, or young teens in troubles on the side of the road, who will be willing to thank a helper giving him a good hand job and allowing him to put his hard dick in the hole he most likes. Every kind of age, race, category, position and location will be found in the Network and the search engine is ready to help find your way through it.

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Pervs on Patrol Review -

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Updated Pervs on Patrol Review for 2016

Pervs on Patrol offers you exactly what you are thinking. All claimed to be amateur videos, or at least recorder so to look as they were, 1000+ movies secretly shooting a babe playing with herself usually in her bedroom, or in a changing room for example. The story usually leads the guy to get caught, but exactly as you could imagine, instead of being punished, he ends up being sucked and banging one or more girls, keeping shooting the action on camera.

This is what keeps Pervs on Patrol going. The homepage already puts you in that set of mind which makes you feel alert. There’s something going on and it looks like someone is spying on someone else. So the atmosphere is created. All the nude smoking hot babes which are visible just scrolling few centimetres down will confirm you that Pervs on Patrol is worthy to be visited.

The website has its videos divided into different categories as Amateur Voyeur Videos, Dressing Room Cams, Sneaky Upskirts, Beach Nudes, and more. You can select the category you prefer and then pick the video. You also have a preview of 100 videos directly in the homepage, with a little screenshot showing what you might expect. Clearly there is a big amount of blowjobs, gang bangs, lesbian, and so on. The movies are also listed by latest on the right, with titles which link you to the video itself.

To be part of the community and enjoy the material, you have to subscribe for a membership. This will be $19.95 / 30 days, $59.96 / 90 days or $119.98 / 365 days. You can also have a 2 days trial for 1$.

All the videos are available in Full HD quality, but can anyway be streamed in different formats: Windows (1920×1080; 12000k), MP4 (1920×1080; 12000k), MP4 (1280×720; 3800k; streaming), MPEG (768×432; 1736k), 3GP (352×288; 475k). Download is unluckily not available for those who joined after August 11, 2015, but the streaming material is great and totally worthy. With every video comes a set of 50 pictures about the scene itself, able to be downloaded in high quality in a .zip file.

So what are you waiting for? Open the home page and start scrolling down, to see those hot chicks laying on their beds, alone, or with a girlfriend, or on the beach, or already being touched or pounded, or sitting themselves on a hard massive cock. And if the huge content of this constantly updated website doesn’t satisfy you, remember that, as part of the MOFOS Network, Pervs on Patrol membership offers you access to 15 different websites and all their contents.

You can enjoy MILF going crazy for black cocks on Milf like it black, or you can see what does really go on in an american college, during those full of alcohol parties, when bitches don’t remember what self control means and just jump on every dick, on Real Slut Party. Which ever your passion is, you will find it here.